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QAvimator is a BVH character animation editor created for use with Second Life®.


Linux : Main Editor

Linux : Prop Chair

Linux : Props attached to limbs

MacOS X : Main Editor.

MacOS X : With prop violin.

Windows : Main Editor and timeline.

Windows : Showing the Avatar Skeleton.


Creating a simple Animation - A quick introduction to QAvimator


Version (Last Updated: January 27, 2020)


  • Fig Mistwood: QAvimator Project Maintainer.
  • Trinity Dejavu: Website & silly feature requests.
  • Zi Ree: Initial Qt port of Avimator.
  • Darkside Eldrich: Multi avatar base code
  • Christine Montgomery: OS X work
  • Vince Invincible: Developer of original Avimator.
  • Lynard Goodliffe: Made the first Windows setup build.
  • Thanks to everyone who helped with testing and Torley Linden for an awesome video.

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